Introducing the Dynamic Arc

The Premier Functional Balance Measurement and Treatment System for Healthcare!

Functional movement is comprised of multi-joint, multi-planar motions involving the body’s core musculature and innervation. These movement patterns are constantly utilized in ADLs and give great insight to the limitations a particular condition or disease has on the independence level of the person. Healthcare has lacked a clear and concise norm-based, objective measure of functional balance ability until now…

The Dynamic Arc was designed to objectively measure a patient’s balance ability when performing these functional movement patterns giving your clinical staff unparalleled data on comprehensive balance deficits of those under your care.

Whether utilized for Screening Functional Balance Impairments in potential clients and entering them into therapy, Assessing a Patient at Evaluation to establish medical necessity, Quantifying Gains/Establishing Outcomes made as a result of your care, or Increasing Your Clinical Treatment Capability for almost ANY patient condition, the Dynamic Arc is your company’s multi-faceted utility instrument for optimal patient care!dynamic arc physical therapy tools

  • Utilized by physicians/surgeons, therapy clinicians and other medical staff
  • Significantly enhances documentation and reporting
  • Objectively measures functional performance
  • Lightweight, portable and easily collapsible
  • Independently discriminates balance weakness in 10 specific categories
  • Ideal for dynamic balance treatment in both standing and sitting in therapy


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